Tuesday, August 28, 2012

text || Edward Nichols


Spasmodic reiterations spawn presupposed idiosyncracies of remnants of discharged ideologies. Sommersaults dissasemble the idiocyncracies out on the table. Taking the shortcuts revels out the distant notion of retrograde motion and determine the outcome for a valiaant reprise. Outsiders reglue the past sentiments on the colorless prism of obscurity. Elevated conical aspiration revels in retaliated dismissals at the itenerant dominion of reprisal. Moments tick by on the shell of a crustacean at the overlapping speed of subservient congruents.
          Alabaster clocks with no hands release the dormancy of clay inversions ramshackled on the vertiginous climate of ill-repute. The drooling dog eyes the fire-hydrant as the conclusions of Pavlovian theory  bear testimony to the outward remnants of correlated seclusion at the earmark of invention. Calvacade of remonstrances preclude the minute of the birth of the Universe.

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