Tuesday, August 14, 2012

poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Quintet Dialogues


in the mirror of radiance my moment                  um

                        burgeon dialect onto pathway-narrow hall inward

ingurgitating method: listen::                   to the fraction of hearing
                                                            upon fractal illusion gathering space

body pluralizes
tongue ignition mentions
immanent innovations

                                                            improvised from the center of asymmetrical teetering


as with following     endemic locates those of the lost disposition

                                 directional locations
encourage happenstance’s teachings to
embellish in the notion to cover
unflattering mathematics:                                                                        of one
                                                                                                            two of the soon hoping
analogs of psychotropic
reactive promises to/of

verbal complaints within
errant leanings these
blended abbreviations


opening as in the flamingo’s neon pleasure (italicized/structured/etching wing
            statute dialogue firm in the waiting language
August in the rain of rarity’s death—

surrogate emotional
crossing into park of noonday-always light
            angles’ freeing circumferences as
delayed accentuation this
hope of inaugural freedoms


following the hours of invention
erratic components gaze into
spatial mobility
elastic in the fulcrum variation of
various welcoming

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