Sunday, August 12, 2012

poem || Jim Leftwich

not that

Muscles of the big tendons of first
abductor hallucis xors pass ttendon,,
ches medially along arsal canal the long
border of the sole, ductor and hrough the
m the calcaneus to us to thee. It is an
first digit.. Below, and alsom the
tendon,, the tendons sole, fro a weak
the long flexors pass the arch border oof
hrough the tarsal long the helps
. It is an abductor exor halches medially
a weak flexor, and s stret of the foot.
helps maintain the es oon abductor
of the foot. flexororm bolucis brevis
lucis brevis arises gament the medial
the medial cuneiform and related
ne and related of the big toe:s and
s and tendons... and s intendons


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