Tuesday, August 28, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

then   sn,resr   ect   ,rest
fulcrum oursleeves boin t
last wompthicket     ,kultur
craven sass wamping,   ‘bat
gills’ ,ransaground   de  tour
watchman, re/d/ehvil waltz:
‘but to know the finger-I ng  for ?f# is
to ocold remember?fut ballb   andaid
trumPhand drawn worms docu     men
taley pes ts full crumb dress hing s s’fur
halftimescrub k/nees   flatfrozeclus,  s-
ters shrimpbe ear  at cloister duk einUp
ma r c h then   sn,  ect  ,re st resr act   ra
midfin germid day midni te boin boink oin
1.silhouette soup yr eggs deposed in froz
e    spackledon’tcomein wi thwetfee th
eycalled willevacuatebowlsroses towinto
theirseason   freshHell grinding fruit gulpg
2.cantdfind wet
c     un
cant fiu oo yfind
3/ hp horizon frown lines/creases in yr direction
floating seafuss albu minsuds washcut saviour   sa
Vor                                                                            Vor

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