Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 poems || David Jalajel


here in this dynamic country gripped
in freedom’s private serendipity
awakens microclimates all your own
up to the prospect and confess reloading
this isn’t really necessary killing
some of the sadly named taxonomy
technically isn’t part of the internal
little known capacity for light
the well maintained lost postwar hierarchy
secures a lifestyle keeping semirural
vistas providing seamless flows between
the highly cherished tree lined city fringe
elements who populate this most
immaculately quiet cul-de-sac


his turning back with greatest nonchalance
shows the depth that principled commitment
to tender human capital ensures
his staff he’ll leave without completing what’s
illustrious in how he’s yet again
favouring cremation to the dazzle
of coy pretentions mobilise the hackneyed
but epic schemes connivingly suppressed
resistance breaks with more engrossing news
than dozens of munificent half hearted
customer service bills acquire a broad
exposure bolstered by the prime locations
viewed at the stage where these he’s seen to soothe
the credulous suspect his sympathies

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