Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 poems || Vernon Frazer

No Directions Homing

mirrors cried
over coming pyramids

whatever way the river ran

matters leased 
a tensing presence

manic impresario markets nostalgia

tours a force
controlled pundits running
barrier language

against the shoals
in search of glass attendance
an afterthought

intones parking language in starter lots

carefully honed
amid the sunning ones on tour
who need a -scape

their place unknown 
coming or going glimmers

whatever way ran the river

Trade Picture

sharking vows 
daguerrotype swagger

lounge repellent invocations
greeted anomaly full plumage
no detector left unveiled

tower fires
open semblance pockets

vestibule throttles murmur
when dissidents pronounce
new enunciation stickers

other citizens once shipped

to dagger land promises
a starkly proud restoration
legends vying for vision

sleep invective 
couriers low their magic 

fecundity bellows a moaning ship

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