Thursday, August 30, 2012

text || John Pursch

Chief Amoeba


Chief Amoeba, a heavy Himalayan hillbilly, a wacky-ass buffoon, a laughing engine, a swollen, nervy, brusque guy; unchecked by worry, a coughing chauffeur, finishes a Turkish pipe, spacing a jurist: "Um, gee, I'm a happier, higher mockery..." 

Lola muzzles a chauvinism eruption, yelling:


"You're a lewd creep, Amoeba; a habitual dromedary; an obvious, bawdy, boozy shill; a penniless pumpkin and a chubby, cherished helot." 

"Likewise, bivalve. Humph." 

"Ike hired a sloppy, goofy, heavy hillbilly; a big, hacking, peculiar hippie." 

A veep, a mustachioed Colombian huffer, shoved him, heaving Chief:


"Chief! Move, Chief, you paranoiac!" (A curtly wallop, a pitiful elbowing.) "Well, unreliable employee! I abhor a madhouse, you hairy boob; you hacking longhair." 

Chief's fairly beefy cowing woke him. A juror, a shapely frau, a visually yummy femme, shook him, joining in. 

Watching Giuseppe batten our hatches, vacillating here, Mafia...

(Author’s note: The consonant sounds in the above text correspond to digits 2018 - 2300 of pi. The sound-to-digit mapping is defined by the Major Memory System: . The text begins with 6839 = Chief Amoeba, since 6 = ch/sh/j/soft g, 8 = f/v, 3 = m, and 9 = b/p in the Major System.)

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