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text || Spencer Selby and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


The source texts were written about 20 years ago, forgotten, then rediscovered recently on some old disks. Selected texts were permutated by Jukka Kervinen, whose has 50 different programs for doing this. Then I selected again and did some additional tweaking.


living out of a preserve sunshine lines  of enduring rock carry sediment to help cut sculpturing  element. There have been and give life return to the sea has rock  that make this between one life and above. Influences are separated by water under conditions which carry sediment sun to open a very abundant food supply. Buried chapters grow opportunity to preserve feet perfect to tell about  see the same need of endurance shaping its return to sea with better brains better teeth to assault growl entangling people when we look at them. That are sediment whose mother shaping change in a shore complete strangers meet and tell slabs development, mark sea when we look at them. Force upon friends the same need to survive in an artistic  sculpturing element. There would be conditions which meet just beyond shadow of fading storm Mysterious periods that make story possible. glorified rainbow to finish fourth appearance above the sea the matter stored to evaporate when we look at them. May never see the same change survive while preserving boundary we protect.. On the opposite shore complete wandering might be sold to  people countless chapters to places most beautiful  that are thousands of feet concealed by a number of questions entangling skeletons given light just long  


given light sometimes supply
of the plateau under forest
that grows through the imagination,
shaping animals in sunshine
waiting for the glorified tincture of
when we look at them. Strength given
ocean of waiting at window and
thinking ritual will preserve
strangers watching a monster whose
mother died in earth assault for
seat on rainbow to finish its view.
Power the sea has uplifted and sold
to those living primitive upward
development, soon arriving at edifice
protecting its chance to celebrate
a family trying to force lines of rock
that meet and clash to raise volume
by a wandering prize whose return
places the viewer between one life
and another outrageous plate of stew.


this and positive to sail right off  the edge. A lot of stress on  the generation picked in prescriptions for sexual  connotations. Obsolete millions which might in felt  moment root out network of  even the most flexible rules. The issue of  contact through rebirth. Enterprise by grievance dissolving the sleep of walls, in  search of substantial neighborhood interaction which appeared  much later and became electronic. Unspeakable stands  revealed with freedom to discuss bizarre preoccupations,  hearts picked prematurely emerging into the  deserts of the determined was a unique  opportunity. Moment of release the mountains we  didn't see that called humanity out of  primates, that toward potential for natural supplied to take out  novel information. Something oblivious and  patterns edge moving polymorphic network of property  extreme. Attached logic to a design  to take every level of connotations. Obsolete  millions which might be found too deep because alienated before our  coming. Windswept matrix, immense uncultivated day in search  of generated half-page meaning. This would  go in and of target never so  easy as following even the release. Culture  engineers included as strategy to take  bridge at every point, fear death or decision to sail  right in the way related to  the difficulty of moving the neighborhood out  of control, beyond history thought brought  to earth. Debate wall guiding experience  from bizarre context and group monologue that was expunged through lines  0f worldwide causal division. The issue is  totally unique forward flow of pulling our  leg with a teleological bias seen as crucial in control rising out of one  shape-shifting belief upon the mirror of  cultural expectations. Couldn’t stand what’s revealed in style of chanting  from shadow across a landscape memory determined  in the passage, the consecration and concatenation  rapidly pure plasma judged vision black water.  We argue about this and then ranges  of the deserts of the choral retinue  of plants that circumstance didn't know what  happened to draw out the  body promise as following mind of developing  release. Culture under the belt gathered the power years with tricks with a  dream higher logic in darkness with eyes  closed that cannot be some distance and  destroyed moving around trends  always trying to primates, ecstatic work crop  where lifestyles are unreal segments transferred in the silvery  appearance displayed for eyes talking local meaning that called humanity  out of primates, of tribal timeless existence  moving against local throwbacks at every point. Meaning given the body native in a subject  seen as crucial keeping a series of  dimensions to the trip reinforced experiments  with sound, uncertain just a part of  the ranges throwing off the mirror spilling from one ending to another.  Competition in evolution sacrifice in radiant ideas perhaps from land-locked whistling through teeth  with tricks means  yes flow of entropic circumstance onto a  sliding filter. Lifelong plants that carry the  changing attraction that appeared  much later as decision, an effortless providing bridge  release. Culture engineers included in threat smoke  necessary to hearts of people sexually polymorphic  constrained to become electronic. Unspeakable stands  revealed resource causing chaos in the group  monologue. Quality across hearts allow the changing  of light shed on experience. Incredible  resource building reputation almost  as the surface shape language system inherited to  accept the power everlasting and terminal in one Moving beyond history causal alien uncertain as to  push impulse through limitations and sincerity from  phase previously considered in some  folk belief brought out flowing toward potential  for falling in love with freedom to  discuss bizarre preoccupations, to support edge moving along the surface shape language  called history lowland unique  connotations. Obsolete millions which might allow windswept  matrix, species of resurrection called off the belief of chanting judged vision state. The misdirected narrow corridors, the generation picked in prescriptions got the feeling moving  right along would be just a part that is uncertain monologue. Quality of timing with regard  to property issue at amazing  rate, a novel in felt keeping with  new beginning. Got the feeling granted was  resource equating clenched fist of connection  with a teleological bias. Obscure states followed  the individual's mind voice focusing attention as arguments were a unique opportunity.  Moment of dissolving sleep to  meld present still on wayward  trail would be mirror of a generation blessed or cursed in mapping itself to thinking growing changes identified  as time perhaps from land-locked value and  insights of a kind pipeline to the  presence of experiments reinforced for personal experience. someone's drowsy network growing resurrection no different, articulating motive distance to  a view. Unrelated input brought to bear  on language inherited everlasting and terminal before voucher specimens are attached to the  difficulty to retain focus still on wayward  trail to obscure the trip reinforced with amazing speed, a novel in felt keeping trouble logos on track to carry group monologue from even the most flexible rules dissolving sleep


was searching for clouds head in flame
dated effects superimposed one by one
in arrowlike motion of you and
what is hard life form wild move
in closer pray in helpless feeling body
acoustic caught between experience and
time to hear searching of gestures that
sleep in shaken block devour the margin
means more illusion to mind caught
in circle of violence by audience
staring at this finished memory
means when we take our cloud serious
thinking of you had developed in almost
devoured channels from effects superimposed
at sunset trembling with sound multiples
produced by work searching comfort scar
by watching attempts at technique
watching air aggravate sky in flight
of plans that further these particles
this liberated zone that dogs me
now like return of angst in blue light
forest center morning control over
performance I’m held beneath by
releasing request in threshold crossed out


with breath held with glass vague
as your knives cross wires you do
that truth noise address kept away
from viewing aspiration burning
raw simulation dome bent name
like scrap metal when you do
that character walking out on milk
stain soaking into your knives
your book name inside drawer
speaking cheap plastic flag of news
with price tag burning as each page
I swear is tonal earlobe soaked
by meat of speech garden
drenched by oil spill over table
awkward as rock like the moon
missing what you swallow
to fool heaven into your chair
confuse those floating in tubs
of leaky moment kept away

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