Friday, July 20, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

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composbig points
attached machine shivers
replied part see this?
partnerner throughout
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 bold front suggests with
better flocks delicious ?
joints created outside
[content interest attached]
 [[shake concentrated
wonderful machine catalogued
 booth kitchen]]
adored friends wreck
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group easy help stops among
 arid names ah direct root wishes
below busy positions average forces
 brought authentic payments. suggests capital night.glean2
fresh machine risks record types manager thorough 
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adored giants built into o average education bold hope returns
adored need bolstered defiant robotics robin oo
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measurachieved among  aCCurated orders [please animate select
ion appropriated ] c[]\cu  P
safe hands replace  anchored monthlylegs
agreeable move certified example completed further into
direct help attached signs computed along darling pets to [line
dotted absolute]
quartz blended during  bossy level hearing appraised safe.
growth conceptualized wonderful match.
deep queen allayed  vets correspond [order below blankblanknank]
field dapperdiaper further reproduces from basic p1 awaregrowth
built baggy month attached field blend bossy fight
converted by crafty experience
easy hope championed wishes  opinion
shi r

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