Monday, July 9, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

Atonal meanderings

Latrine motiff rectified the theology ofArt. Hung the commode up on the wall of a local Museum and called it enhanced porcelain, and indeed it was - it still had a terd floating in it.The organ donor gave both his organ and a piano to the music bank and jump started a pot of artificial flowers with artificial intelligence.Epictomatic truancies sojourn up to the fool on the hill.Acapronic indecencies deprecate             the seams of disorder. Cropolonic Arathematic lassure deasaurus syndrome of calculated by Krinshapen oddities for Cerebus on a theronic brendial tube operated by circuit boards operating Allanomic serile concrete musique by the tounette theology of broken airline tickets,Serotonin lift- off perpetrated a unruly sensation of syncopated `redundencies flying at the crosophile of of searanian basillicas.Unienated crevices purged the creolian bacaucian prelude on a free- wheeling decimination of plausibility generated by Orgone
 power.Grecheinian Pocculated transerns epiphanated the crausulated bystanders all holding signs  that said- Don't Read This.Dedalus appeared on Dr.Dents large black and white Television basically picked up a  transmission from a long defunct television station that inadvertantly still sent out a signal of a black and white commercial of a slinky glamorous lady advertising cigerettes. Hermes, Wagner, and Dr,dent viewed this as often as possible and deemed her Lady Space the Directorate.Creothian ganousites perpetrated the Bernoulli Trial at segacious intervals. Ramifications, stratifications, justifications legislations, congregations, illustrations, fonications, plantations, perpetrations,.

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