Saturday, July 14, 2012

poem || Matt Margo and Joe Bussiere

“girl country television reality”

summer will not fat bomb
my parent was in new york

i breath down necks singing
take a corporate energy bar

righteous holy powers mighty morph
flavor of the mouth

into an existential
frame fatal flame on my brain
the people talk about

the rainbows of time
film is not vegan are pets

cells multiply because of math

what we talk about when
whenever is whatever

owe me thousands of mysteries
like every single earth film

i take advantage of doors
our faces torn and melted

snow cone machine
people tire of tire face

the whatever of
the antelopes

life sucks when obesity bombs
kamikaze my personal brand

the aftermath of the explosion
cant do no harm no more

license my foods especially
everyone i meet confiscates myself

you fired me and smelled
seraphic cities

feelings like
snowblind windfall

ask any zoologist
you will miss being sick

look out window symmetry
the earth girls descend a mountain

coffeemaker maritime snowblower blowjob
i use your nose to hear


  1. Excellent to see you gents combine your talents. Brilliant fucking job.

  2. Thank you, RC! Your comment means a lot to me.