Saturday, July 7, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

A repertoire of vines striates the home. One spoke of various protective
shields to stack up weapons of the pliable, soft kind. Moss smelling
of rain reveals how many sanctions have been placed where they are
seen. A child infringes on its own development by way of sanity 
a symptom of observed erosion, as vicinity. Magnetic fields become a
tender offer as in dowry. Matches lift the eyesight. Wear shows in the
quality of sight. I move closer daily to an accurate portrayal as
endorsements fire from nowhere, an eclipsing frame that takes its toll on
seams. In a minute, life forms breathe their way out of a voyage spun
from centimetric knockoffs. Brain threats dazzle where we work and how 
small moments grow intense unto another dozen forecasts.
Rapt attention, the sentence read, fairness a mere point guard in
the midst of laws
Sheila E. Murphy

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