Tuesday, July 10, 2012

poem || Jim Leftwich

not this

password pens 
letter teacups 
null towels 
fatherland dresses


newspapers dimensions
phonetic glue
plywood alphabets
synthetic navy, hydraulic toys

verse of the facade, folded

irreal hat
peanut helix talking glass
house of bean-salad nostalgia

cardboard American sunshine, swimming accordion

man only plays 
when /he is in 
the fullest se
nse of the wor
d a human bein
g, and sh\e is 
only fully a h
uman being whe
n \s/he plays.

playground technicians
swingfountain conversation build
chain of sacred underway
archaic pact on hand
technicians meteorite co-authorship
making common
iconic certainty
ttrco forivun rrtte fwbd
cppit ptid eiocrs
rtrei fronasd ereams shtotrrrtrgo

fish onions ar in styl
restruo pla playe
ra dialog the ac plague

we the scale a surp pra
po and hy
th circle

the larynx category of meteorites

l thou so exhaust
strategir coffin whand

entropic recongifur
culturally toe-door
the corridor laterally face

growth procer mid-too
parasitical architecture
control lab

between two shovels is a difference 
in potential
a difference 
in propensity produces a phantasm
releases or ejects it 
spends it into a pace

the concerns humm
a set of toadstools tools

music of a piece aligns the snake

sense perceps independ themselves

scorpions cultivate their fit

disorder through disorder desires description

the same feeds two birds
burning beyondsensical disorientation

dtdddnsto rondtia
ogmct wuysr

entropy is the false story
of lovers ghosts
talking at the hotel khaos

dispersal of cascade nevertheless
interrogates elemental experience

worms humpty dumpty decay
belief-arrows crystal iepdguun
which today toads explainx
now is hot in the salamander


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