Thursday, July 26, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME aftharri son
crooked-er than a sunrise hangover
                                han gogover sunrise
notice thform blag  gro st u m p
Notice thala     bastar-
d ust y win dows.   Hell, ok
novtice winter ond ear t           h
notice chicken rubberlegs and beans
fried    bumps frumpywaitingfluffing
notice the tire         s
notice the sc antvie  w.
notice you are not    men tion ed
wh is not to mentiothe marblenude
notice the slee      ping eagle
notice symbols in formlessness dotdrivel
crim             spit    tea   split tare
comes now the bloo     d
notice the arrivalavatar not icelate e
youread it rite
ahnotice the monkeyonque
notice the bird sculpturecharlie P
le tink pinkj jet        stool
figged out wig athon
bathers smeared whups
th stereo utopiaparkway
transmission .  monkeys et                       tu 
sittu brownie nojob . for cookies
beaks tackle and geafishhornets
ringo with ringdan    cerfig-  -urine
pretty petty  fluid  funds     racebar          r
discree crap  in th xylophone
alone. Popped. Pooped. Jostled
core notice red fangs celebrate fugues
Marilyn marble granite now 3 partale
collideslysphinup on racing desertsbop
undone by slipknotnot glue faithheroin e
You may not like this nowme now
notice the door. The sign up ended
                                  Patent pend             i n g

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