Wednesday, July 18, 2012

poem || Edward Nichols

A Goats Files
        Coathian perksonages crusations on the moniac of beseeching Taxidermists. Haughty Ms. Durelless rang her belly button and drank a cup of lard. She was underneath her big toe and flinging atrocities at the cat. Perturbed by cornflakes in a bowl of Vodka she pantamimed her diaphragm in a basket of subsiding diadems as she crowned herself a Queen. Bitter etherlangs conflaburated at the debauchery of a Crustaciens.

      More things a psychedelisized Beatnik might say

Oinches recluted blytunders cratharisizing cimumulutated turges ,reoncythian frichette umebrates coencedenting acaishully onthe boutherians zythothetically impurching clemesthe rueggashishishments ferthing voxaxious doilettes puerchens plottesians aivocious druigstares ducpincing peels thuth rose cunshishness.

             A Message - A brief interlude

       Lacerated conclusions

                 Foreclosures on the soul

     Syncopated hour glass

            Telling the time of

  The Universe---- Forlorn escapades

       Divide the conclusions of

Subordinated Frescoe fiascos---- The nerve endings

               Tell-Tale sounds

  polyphonic mirrors of the

        Two contrasting musical lines

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