Friday, July 13, 2012

poem || Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

Wi the Auld Moone in Her Arme
Remember: the analogy is always only partial,
No matter how fitting it may be. Experience to experience,
Past to present to futures, only a partial fit,
Always a partial discontinuity, something new
In the use of anything old, --
Remember that moone from Sir Patrick Spence?
Anything: Until quantity
Alters qualities.
Today, for instance,
My feet are killing me
Even though
I sat most of the night.
Stand for: a person living in the past
Makes do with Martin Buber on his mind,
Just another experience
Before they cut the grass
Around someone else’s gravestone,
Watching for ‘experience’
Or, ‘the most acoustic spot
On the entire ship’... ‘Do you know where we are?’
Something else would represent
...dialogue, et al.  Sharing:
A special place
In our relations with each other,
As the quality of those relations
Outweighing the quantity of time
Even as the discontinuity
Depends on who she is,
...nothing else needs to be said, except:
I am sorry she had to miss the strip show
At the poetry reading
In the art show last night.
The machine
Speaks to itself
Implicates us
In the general madness
Strangely like the end of a day already. 
That is
To re-iterate:
All things stand for all things
In language
And in the world
But the analogy is always only
I guess.
And approximate.
Rang : Simple – complex - & composite
... And all those indeterminate mixtures,
Pound’s gradations of sensibility throughout the Cantos,
For another lost trope:

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