Friday, July 27, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Samplification, a vacation all striated via pinking struts. Cosmetic surges blossom plumply
while the former Prince sings Kiss. What year is syncopation. The bluster guarantees
full measure of snow. No go now. In the house, the hiding place restricts entrexit. Yes.
More to the point, mood. Rejection says she is not worth and thus plunketh monastic
flight. Camisole once franchised goes for frankinsence. Miranda rights shift playthings.
Manuflock redeems mouchoir accountably. One grows old and tires of being
groomed. The amblicity is valsic. Breadline on the cusp of no breadline. This genius
chants. One straight line fluctuates. Captain cold evolves to Father snide. Yammer
rapture or contract. The osso bucco flaunts one yonder.
Storehome, blanch light, semitonic, rope trick
Sheila E. Murphy

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