Tuesday, July 24, 2012

poem || Edward Nichols

The Muse

Flowers of the Muse,

  Florid fluidity flounder,

 Facetiously factually further more,

Frolicking from frosty fungus

Freshening forward fondly

Flippantly fumes franchise

Furthermore frequently front

Facts fetishly floored forever

Fondly fresh fascimile

Fruitfully falling feathers

Fear forsaken.

23 Skidoo

Setting on the tabluture of intonated cadences,

Swift aerial subliminals fly by with perturbanes,

Complete canopolies of exponents,

Rotten slugs disguised as sustenance,

Ramifications of quality jeopardized by


Turntables playing backwards

The intact parsonimy.

    Tone Deaf

Configurations of symbolic transcendence,

Everyone has an incidence

Synchronistic coincidence

Sometimes confidence

To sleep with archetipical smnolence

The night takes precedence.

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