Thursday, July 12, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

The Recluses

Sauruces sprugulated conjecture trilateral contentions. Portentous were the edifices of the particles of architecture. The flowing river that flowed by the Civil Outer road. Conjecture speculated the neo-provocative subterfuge of the classic Ninth Seal to open.Teothetic, mailette, joishette, proachingly ,beathse,cruitanian , orchenian ,catheses-and then the transmission to Dr. Dent ende and he was set back  upright.Words used by Psychedelisized Beatnicks-Conflablature of the oruture  bethemuses the contretemts of orjanein rebusses the gaunuises of jarunian conjunes frulated by carunian singarous proacettes.Groundwork was set up as Dr.Dents Television came on again and there was the eloquent lady smoking a cigerette in salute. They watched her lips move out of sync to what she was saying. What they actually heard was- The Muse of creativity will be moving in with you and wants you to continue what your writing, especially Wagners book, which she wants him to call it - Ashen Vision. Her mouth and words were like  a Japanese film with Lady Space the Directorate speaking the subtitles. Wagner had a copy of Finnegans Wake in his lap. He thought he would borrow from it  , and, call one of his characters Shem.Spectral skeletons glowed as he walked down the street. Dr.Dents head was still laying in the same position. His clocks had no hands, as he hated time, although he managed to make it every on time. Luminous Moonlight beamed on him through his window. Wagner- Terrestial beings main coefficient correspods with the total being of light rays. Hermes-Artificial flowers have artificial intelligence.

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