Wednesday, July 25, 2012

poetry || Edward Nichols

Purgatory in suspension

 From the womb to the Tomb

         We're all born into this world

         of eventual doom,

         As the world weary recluse just wants some elbow room,

         To withdraw and write in his own cocoon,

         Before long the ecstasy of ceativity will hit him soon,

         As only the needle can empty a spoon,

         The skunks fume , is fatalistic perfume,

         With your inner self, you can become perfectly intune.

                Ninth Seal

As the recipient of the light transverses the world,

To try and understand,

He soon finds that within him the adrogyny of both a women

and a man,

As on the Transcendence of the Earth he does quietly stand,

He can hear the melody of the nature god Pan,

Realizing that in the desert, their is much than sand,

He meditates on lifes mysteries and begins to see a plan,

He sees that behind the light is a silver band,

As he soars through the forest he slowly begins to land.

           The floating vacancies

The recipient of homemade sin,

Takes into context the swimming of the fishes fin,

Plethoras of ballasts concentrate on the entity of all of them,

Just as the apple has a stem,

That grows from a tree and hags from a limb,

When we look back nobody really knows where he has been,

Until they remove the mask of what we have really seen, '

Sometimes life can seem so obscene,

Sometimes what we take within can make our  outlook all the more


           Prose Writing

       Consciosness cleared by epiphanetic Synchronistic

powers , the egg of the Dog Star Sirius sending transmissions to various dedicayed writers unbridling their their spacious rational emotive clarified mind resets theOrgone energy of the Libido into creative Overtures of flowing sentences transcending the banal books of cloned redundancies.Stimulating the experimental excursions of refreshing ideas.
Controlled mania exterminates the subjrctive conundrums of of edification ensuring the exonerated emersion into glaring originality ay the crossroads of symbolic independence of will.

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