Sunday, July 29, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Here am working gainshare toward an apposite. Chop chop chap. Sticks
stone break . . . longsuff- yon brochial retreat. And there sit you abiding.
Chance chaste chipper breezeway lymph glanding its way down hill
with caritas. As one does one's doe-eyes. Spitfire glyphs and chores
we vestibule our little memoirs. Glorificamos te. And then she tells me
lanslide story in a whiz bang motif set for knowing aptitude and largesse.
Many more doyens than heard from herding how we noun along the
drop kick pathway toward stardom. Reboot, my love, while I consider
appellations and restraint. You would not happen to own my cherished
mystery, would you? Nerdy little title dusted off for quick re-use? Comply
with me and be my treasure trove enduringly.
Laproscopic hench, formed subtlety, bit part in a briar patch of pitch
Sheila E. Murphy

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