Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEprt 2Fr fr     in
nwainnin ni nter
 lude artaukedart
crooked as a sunrishang over
 g rotella
1.nadriano  eds 36f37
 populararct 8 3g8
gromwepants 9 f56
inversecart ici cle8f
gubbed faypo d di 7
marntini8bit 0
bremwepints f5 i
arctpop7 8 3g8pop
ulul9rseca di 7 it 0
badriano  eds 36f37
tini8secano f e78o1
2.employ word sense7
ppetite life r igor808
implacable gnostic wh
irlwind devours darkn980
ess pain ineluctable lif
e continuegood desi4
rede consequence  act
permanent5li-86 5   po
3. people leave trde
finwhatever goehe"It
musbe the top drawer re
flectedo carries eyes poc
ket on the rightll in one b
unch on a steel ring there
one key there three times
big others deep notches t
hacanbe keychest draw
ersen some other ch es   to
r strongbox  wortkno  win
g Strongboxes always ha
ve keys like that how deg
rading it all ison  knowe
th truth better than b roh er
hood indeed r ec ord a fore
time it was parlous difficu
lt and took a yearNat   hel  es
sGod send you goo suc
cess end will we pra  ykn ow   
ads pigs certain m e an
ing certain being fus     s 
y emotions classifiab      l
e quib   ble  some  o   t   he
r hilarious beli           eve 'ter
ms brandish  ide ol   g
es hierarchy timest               a
lk  contemporary th    o 
ught some spiri fol    lo
w dropl bo oks s cr e a
ming worst p i gs p  igs
populararct 7 8 3g    8
irlwind devours darkn
marntini8bit0  90
hilarious believe 'te
ess paiin elucta     ble lif
inver secart ici cle8     9
nwainnini nter o786
tini8secano f e78    o1
ar c  taud    car ta   artau
(*^4* &)gl ad io(**() (&%las ^^
Lat pSe $[)__)((&(ak[
)_)({{}fel mon
{}_+_ki se e r
is j

POMEt alkto nomotherfract al
ta lak tomoth erfrac tal. &ampwhat pulse this. grubb griff sp ort  ing
&gosport assP is s ting sandinspurrdusn &menstrancee&a
loy dopurt glaim noti yarlk/wafnoque dijio fl ask dij fosha u  I orh e    wi   on
 vackax lnl; que we je I oqap jarios jad:DoN vasnaf  spu rr o  rgot
 gewore  taghue ruoer ba  nuo gob[]ok[p’pol[]wre kwipo  f s oul o   to  o  o
grocry loo seout diporit menstrancee&ampamp ol folkershomebasem
banana lager thorn earthrup oqap jarios jad omoth spurr ml a c e
silent lylikea drone forgotten marjor am flight flagged toe bushma
rdesilent  stalk jad:DoN vasnaf sandintomoth e rlost contacts I  n wid
dowlerne ss  oqap jarios gewor dijio flask DoN vasnaf spoer urn   la cy
living passing dead come brief bet wix  earth, same dust ten))) ages
rabbit moon medicine vain sang tree immortality crumbled kindling dies white dumb word
green feel coming Looking sigh before again prize vaporous

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