Thursday, July 19, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

The Vagaries of the Muse

        Theodore ran the cantankerous ramshacles of interrupting membranicments decrying the showing of condolescences of staring serendipity. Consciousness cleared by epiphanetic synchronistic powers of the egg of yhe dog-star Sirius sending transmissions to various dedicated writers unbridling their spacious rational-emotive clarified mind resets the Orgone energy of the Libido into creative overtures.

     Flowing sentences transcending the banality of cloned redundancies stimulating the experimental excursions of rejuvenating ideas bearing the inevitable conclusions of indeterminate,aleatoric, cut-up methods of the rejection of normal contentions of idealistic nihilism.

        Controlled mania exterminates the subjective conundrums of edification the enoxonerated emersion into glaring originality at the crossroads of symbolic independence of will. Conjecture inflamed by the juriprudence of imaginative conjecture letting the idiosyncracies of the Avante-Garde flow tyrough the Muses pen.

         Astronomical discursions flambouyantly fire the synchronistic linkage to freedom from bondage of the so called condition of 'normal'writing. Crancasian soliloquays side step the endless flow of doldrums as you invest in the conservative  values of a recrimination of octagonal signals of standard fare. The enlightened saved and invigorated by the exciting enigmas of the  truly creative creations.

        Sanguine extremities externalize the Trilogy of Infamies surging lightening bolts of conjecture.Existentialism promotes the externalization of determinismemanating congruently as a formative revue puts the predated analysis of inclinated enlightenment of polyphonic sentences transferring atonal resonations of the apothesis of the experimental.

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