Friday, July 22, 2011

texts || John M. Bennett

the focused dog the
lint keeper sped a
cross the driveway >
> was a clucker knot
a clotted fog or sh
oelace stiffened wit h
yr membered dream

breaded plants and
gristle form my leg
bunch grunh grunh
lobes of to ngue
restriction bloodstiff
hankies leer eneath ah

the clotted plants uh
crawl beside my cha ir
uh linty pill uh break
fog’s crispy sugar or
your uh dungk lap sticky
clock uh spattered
L ea F

sure yr ... plod lake
lug ... finger blodt ...
must my rancid jar ...
rained air ... sp elled
the geltsim ...
shoe fulla ... cornflakes
.... grunt ....

slabmp it off me tens
ion destructure nor the
foaming flame > gash
tw isty ,blake wall ,nog
gin draining from my
clanging dust

chump and throat im
paction growling at t
he float na elknirw
sended shirtless in
thh e haze ~ flood sp
oon an napkin feat
hered like the h air

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