Saturday, July 16, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

from erlebnis

through immersion
in pavement
essences & debates
somersault through ditto
dangerous vermicelli
endlessly presume.

next automatic
intelligence remove also
tread somatic vassal
nom de plume
parabellum qualia between.

as artifacture that emaciates
gulley normative oceans the
relata improbable coefficients
alternative hundrededs.

solar ganglion persists granary
essence opaque so fractional
blithe genetic.

such tentative
remission is arrowheads
broken by the satrap
we see ingredients at leisure
boursin & the elite
mannikins in novena
in wooden shock-warehouses
even interlopers’ vintages.

fascinate lemma vocable
immense reaching real toon
syntactic anomaly creaky
macaw notification miracle
nematode motorcade.

framing class botanist vitiates
demure appaloosa the network
edified linkage mode through
whichever standardize s-planetary
cohere offering coefficients.

as grommet center invective
property zone through whole
site washer once of averagings
elite vacuity paramitas
disbarred omnibus.

a pause motorcade
is citizenry iconic of
its supremacy blot
ironic in debacle such argon is
either waitings for semaphore
debate adrenalin
outworn & listless.

once of remix veena debate ironic
avail natch either waiting sole
though parallax skirmish dapper
glass ears least garret
voix dystopic ultrafine
spotcheck rename dot random
slightly persist ecru those foible.

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