Tuesday, July 5, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

the ))chur))ning ))curve
the ))dog))gy ))renter
the ))spill))age ))drill
the ))roll))ing ))skull
the ))cloc))k ))natter
the ))ding))er ))cage
the ))spott))ed ))sock

tip of turd a sky of light
spill corner gur gling
ooo like yr sou p
regurged I played the
stool for Johnny
slagwich drooping on
the table flushed like
sp ee ch

:: bubbles and stones ::
dogs and clocks :: drips
and lungs :: loot and corn
:: sweat and thinks :: suit
and pour :: mind and
meatloaf :: blunk and
blink :: shoe :: an seed ::

pistol quack the shou
lder bung a neck lick
Johnny planks the tub
and snakes a bath .o
twisty I could sn ort
you him’s a gra te
,grinning at a duck

blabber an molt a dryer
melts his tongue that .pis
tolina y tus güevos coron
ados brisk my rusty sho
vel sneezing in the gar
age his stunned mice
twitching in my shoes

a flake a fog a fact a
flame a fool a flag a
figure in the fist a fake
a flat a form a fuck a
fantod bubbled fin ger
a flood a fumble a
fenêtre fulla forks

pause an crisp .rack he
throne .wrist protrusion fig
ured in his urination .the
pal infacted ,fútil .form of
ven tanal de vortexto vivo
que te comes el tamal de
torbe llino a yellow fly am I

shodden shadow el lamuyo
lamo me tomas la palab ra
tuminfecta it’s his lad der
mitosis slivered en el chile
carmesí y tu cuánto eres un
enjambre de pa nes
grinning under his bed

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