Friday, July 22, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

from erlebnis

rewrap over settee as expansion
throes oddity persists
small oceans salted vernal
phraseology mambo scree
that panache douanier.
emptor systematic avalanches
debate signtures deliberate
nounal redirecting lest weekly
graciously pursuit nocturnes
chopin lariat velcro aspirate.
echoing theater elsewise
aorism ornamental chorus
denotes emotional accidie
those commencing ditto
infractions allargando slur
noesis than laughter shared
mitoses noting lorgnettes
deluge denial snarly womb.

soft licensing horrific else
wielding remake conic lossless
agonism etching tones
debate vindaloo correctives.

enigmatic alias throughout
incredibly oceanic essences.

grading melted ornamental
cozening enrichment
property nourishment cine
amity coefficients nounal code
persistence triste vacuum.

spotless reification delay
illusory consciousness recall
real care nth sobriquet essence
snit apportionment calligrapheme
nestling where stultification more
thanks eeriest thought form.

wassail proclivity alternatives
ennui than idleness scree
that pain-staking recursion
valkyrie avocation valve site.

nervously redactive amortized
nominal encyclical through
snail-pace tenet nonsense.

plastic variable cuneiform
transistor whereas pirouetting
slather viewpoints dislocate
finial that scenario theorem.

garcon tjanter illbient
antenmous that strolls stroller
anchors elaborative mottos.

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