Tuesday, July 19, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick


from erlebnis

cost usage etching reopens dalliance
those ruffle seams uptowns eagle
widen inarticulation
the provender solipsist tenspot.

cafe wordship lien where pleasantries
epic soft trim lycenium thorough
street ally nougat
faring afterthought
fictive dictation properties
glut erie lean though seitan networking.

grouper volumnar fiscal
network alertly pancetta anima
nothingness waits demonstrative
lugubrious tenet larousse.

grapheme interests on
ruffle caliph satay brilliantine
spiral echo rein tangible
imports noggin latinate.

ague ornamental form
which triad lotions each
behavior sign leitmotif
cairn slicers.

echo iamb ornamental fiscal
borderline immersion
lightly preoccupation revelation
moribund carom screen
doorway cartouche singularity
zone otter haptic
evanesce horlogeries.

emaciate verbatim
sleek vanguard mollusk diaphragm.

enough solidarity epochal lager
quizzical burnt
signage notorious elixir fescue
toon salida.

optative advantage liminal
litmus graphematic blustery
alligatorese that fandango
antler seeker ozone.

cadre genetic asleep
another wanderer.

grow-lux through
vanity another widening
slurry nostrum
thisness wakeful threefold.

active motto letters avenues
motions wholly fractal indices
demigod harpoon
sluff giraffe lots oppressive
that nearly candle otherwise.

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