Wednesday, July 13, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick


ghostly particulate nth
septaguent millennial coffer
vaunt lesser thorough
soft materializing evacuees.

alias replicate
delimit editor bureaus nocturne
depricate sic
otherwise preparatory
flank cheroot arhat borrower.

headstrong outer settee midget
bump telling ursa gist havoc
lotion partook achieve medal
improvisatory orchestral middles.

pancetta widening choice
a slight miasma
as of no orpheus’s troika
some obtuse thresholds
gander aprille toon scrips
the integer neo-thematic
the vedette elation codes
also nevertheless
wildly appreciable.

yet shipwreck traditional
macaw breadwinner observe
iterating letteret politic
mule train alertly thirst
recidivist amalgams breakwater.

those cooing sooth vagary
orator veneer lastly.

yardarms o’er the hatch check
niter acme nothingness so swapping
erasure bloat correctness
wild haptic avail entrust genus.

norm ensemble re
a tertiary carafe
whose tines deluge
with imperious luster
some so no orpheus ciliates
prudent rimes
hoorahs mirror boundless.
ictus reflex grain-cellar
meticulous barometer
academe start-ups
define eden latinate corsair.

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