Tuesday, July 12, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

dump the mask your
draining face dimple
shape of soggy cornf
lumpy tongue ug co st of
sheet = sh irt depth dril
lin g oil

shirt supper and yr
scrawling teeth п п п
swatter org sinking chew
and click drum plunging
from a stick the dogged
cage f lies return an
s hin e

fuser hose the crap
lock whirring in the sen
ate the shovel steam y
in the compost heap a
lawn delays your sleep
user cricri in my
mirrored buttcrack

rent the lump nor fa
fa cram a wh ile
ding short dim
]shut[ plateau the
drifting in your wall
edoff skin the toilet
paper flaccid in yr
s ho e

gaze across the gas
song double chanchres
where your arm my c
lutcher sack last s een
smoking in the
backseat where a fr
enchfry .salts. the floor

ring the puzzle temp
tress pulley O O O O
nostril lubrication dims
the squirreling storm
my suit biscu it clumps
on by buy your crump
and take a N A P

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