Sunday, July 10, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Recollections 45

|sand against frame of touch|

silence of
miniature redemption:

hand-spun particles
recreating body of a before’s human reformation:


within smallest feature of an emotion’s
misdiagnosis, hand, sifting

shifts of sand’s vertical departure

sustains warmth
as does a motive of absolute hanker

devoting temporal existence toward acclimating texture to

skin, such skin now of
complete resuscitation

Recollections 46


toe-space mobile verbs

distant symbol end of night’s embraceable humidness

Recollections 47


What accumulates, sacred as the winged

advantageous front-row explanation teem excess

etch manifest shoved into an eye’s logical usage

proclaiming horizonal moments

discard excessive secondary seconds (too, hand of unused timing)

locating splay of branched concepts

far far signaling abstract signature

unknown then author of this focal foray into

undetermined locational


Recollections 48


occupational sameness

toy for younger minds, meandering snakes for
minds dissolving echoes of articulating memory—

reuniting substance|s

Recollections 49


onlookers view strength-as


velocity of bend because

strength focus, build rebuild interpret mislead reinterpretation

mesh a
mathematical circulation, physical component unease spatial

founding unease letup eventual togetherness

corporeal fascination

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