Friday, July 29, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick


echoing theater elsewise
aorism ornamental chorus
denotes emotional accidie
those commencing ditto
infractions allargando slur
noesis than laughter shared
mitoses noting lorgnettes
deluge denial snarly womb.

clarification where when tilling
smirk vatic paratrooper topper
verisimilitude repression those
scruffy hold-out vestigials.

swan squander agnosis throng
meander ghostly preludes
denote the stubby aurora
vernissage tolerable utensil
sweeping forgone ironic also.

gimicky relapse sit nearby
incurable discourse gorge
anode anno domini choice
tincture ultimate froze tea
pittance threnody summa
clipboard ensign northern
animate vestiges tjant ironic
favor café fictions nearly.

burnhole siphon invent
fragmentary either persist
vernissage brocade introduces
doyen arrival entering lasso
brethren capillary eachness.

smitten vendor spotcheck
itness with diamond surfaces
throes dispensatory widenings
pelican forages enables thirds
tjant antimatter sleuth fluff
anemia cellwise presumption.

soft licensing horrific else
wielding remake conic lossless
agonism etching tones
debate vindaloo correctives.

harrowing listlessnesss whole offer
snit anarchist chronometer
shopworn meubles each least
niobium that random active
annote vendor palsy croaker
snit happiness having stellar
invariability meandering widely.

call daft thorough aperitif
neither wassail nor thereas
notebooking surfaces thorough
precedents enigmatically
doubtful remake oneselv
arrowheads notifications.
gavel interloper vendors so
neither window least neem.

adamantine seeker bolder
essence throughput each
settler averaging immerses
through patterning operetta
ligatures eluctable troika
serrate inversion that fluff.

right there ingredients
seminal nothingness washing
anomalous quarried thunder
thunder-foot evaporatee.

restive embroglio thesauri
aileron caveat noetic valence
moebius those remands either
with hiawatha mobile versus.

grammatological savor tent
aegis peregrine lavender
noon cosmos tattered plane
title operate nougat ebbs through
also grammatical overturns.

enigmatic alias throughout
incredibly oceanic essences.

wading aeolian crop hammer
aides with thesauri forgone
hello petulant venn ethereal
squirming éclair boisson
noun-ness weep verbally.

immobile gigahertz fluff
another resign enamel real
peregrine those lectern choir
anisettte glitch batons.

some precedent oasis through
paradise tonearm eggshell
iterating sleuth either wait
snail trapeze stifle nth inroad
previous that nictates demos.

gaffe incredulous throughfare
precedent milling fortran
snail mail opaque potlatch
opera vindaloo small talkers
emo palaver snit noon testament
calibrate heartfuls lesser those
thanks fedex atilla models
vanguardist evening-song.

squall precedent italic vantage
kismet mirage footfalls nostrum
the pleonastic aver impervious than.

kinked gibbon thereas horror
semis where papal inroad emo
lancing rhetorical tuckers
anemia those things collective.

evidence puree slurry bauble
nimbus treadmills throughput
as connote remainders whiff
anomalous thrashing persist.

grading melted ornamental
cozening enrichment
property nourishment cine
amity coefficients nounal code
persistence triste vacuum.

exegetic amalgam goer than
sine qua non escrow stet
violins trampoline delays
operative whichever timid
shortfallen stunt rollers
please never isness wielding.

crash bottomless choir base
venerable intention whereas
fleck itness no responsive
alongside ripieno discord
émigrés debating mirrors.

asking chakra-blend vouch
repainted evening lassos
that tarot feral as tariff
qualia those prema reptilian
venusian borderine thematic
evacuation blurring thoseness
wand neamoins the clueless.

monad so reticent call
valorize ontic moebius ladder.

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