Friday, July 22, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Recollections 24


swell of intumesced data
revenge upon awakening whole subsequent altered mania of

exterior manifestations


per hope or per hand of guiding legend
image scope pivot compression watch selection eerie emblems:

valued silhouettes

slender silver

revisited dexterity of

spatial exhales among cylindrical evaluations

Recollections 25

|photograph __________|

Knowledge remark, convinced angles
rationalize italicized remorse sans
cyclic divides’ errant sustenance of

systematic comfort. Her
ornamentation recreated temporal highlights, those
of frigid walk near neoteric sections, passive
stilled architectural gaze and heightened mode of

realized calm
upon lake’s arrived rumination.

Recollections 32


folds its

structural yarn
rapid blur recreates spectrum of realistic

evaporating action naked by
coincidental conjuration

death remains
absent of the speaking hands
folding as with wings’

devotional patterns of
logical approbation

Recollections 58

|absence, an|

sorted sans seared
dimensional rotate
grip and or / previous rendition

supposed physicality, confined
silver semicircles
fractioned amid beautiful followings transportation

accumulating burst an avalanche of sound

revival of dearth’s incompetent musicality

Recollections 59


Forgotten the
layered skin
of stale scars
purpled position slightly risen

bargain of an eye’s necessary remorse. Broken

half the, draft of self’s unfolded moniker
mirror-voice first draft later-omit
bitter remembrance
tapestry conduct of enigmatic newness.

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