Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 poems || David Jalajel


now volunteers will entertain recruiting
though not maintain the flagrant antigraft
balloons tuberculosis blinds in partly
exciting people’s inexperience
of autism throughout society’s
coming before high altitudes on platforms
challenging sustainable corruption
by actively preventing nature all
for educating an unsocial healthful
disparity among the populace
between the modes of focus on exporting
pesticides including banking myths
of obsolescent human trafficking
their critically unclaimed publicity


how better could we do for in addition
to issuing those print materials
the project staff used radio to breach
endangered pandas round the multiple
chemical sensitivities and then
to entertain encouragement in freely
loaning anglicized french dictionaries
and many other fine translations for
communicating we were not invited
to the new ways to fight it out among
those for whom the general public had
endured the media and overheard the
environmental credos for the needs
denaturing the field is critical


we're in a large part fit and if this means
refinement might be blurry shaky and
involve some guy's big head resetting in
being left no choice but herein to conserve
resources almost nine months into which
the devastating earth turns round to ask
how long this pattern seen continues once
united could reserve a jewelled pin up
our rough belief in global forming what's
getting us worried how without resorting
to mass deductions from our shodden theories
now showing on the silver screen our bare
legacy orders us to steely keep
face with all the aping pedigrees

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