Monday, June 20, 2011

two texts || Joe Bussiere

i rol up

i rol up i rol up
my face feels like my face
but i dont know it well
the days are so usefeel
like my pets in my mind
i would like to know you
i rol up i rol up
people are different then
and when we have the same
shapes i eat anything lately
now lets watch this bird swoop
for a while and ignore the cop
i rol up i rol up
are you bored then go drunk ten
years across china and don't
join the army find something
else like make up t v shows
i rol up i rol up
i wish you would call
my cell phone now but then
again sometimes i need to
be alone with the wind
i rol up i rol up


not telling no one would think about
my don't not when say yes
don't want they known
so much saigon
need two thimbles to clean
or symbols impeded

or my my own cairo
a song is not thinking, from
seeing running by them
and took them badly I on and on

mom will they when stole
not any guess not think about
say on they on when it's laying out
superb mine gone and took them

so much sights gone but side on
not pay jelly not elect why they know
and more ain't get on what I walk
and when money told hunger send the feet
then I like some why stay then

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