Tuesday, June 28, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

from It's Only Po-e-try and I Like It

gametes on hold flow folderol
au bon pain
elevator levity aorist bevel
roustabout endemic to praxis offered
the scree of
acclaim songster sitting
aware outrigger ‘neath curvatures elocution

where heroiade nutshell
woken aileron cauliflower
acer burrow tie darning
accord enough
absinthe thetis marionettes oboist
valises fueled
wide of surplus moody california reuters.

a sample frosty cellar
-bottled wash

scrape oversight
overshot happenstances
with alight omelette acinate

leicester urgency plastic
plasmic literally after throwaway
-theory as everything
cannibal interpretation sled horrific elixir
laughter in accord to
civilian embarrassment

ersatz meet élan
the primacy of added teaching
elevation aside orbits
bituminous lackluster curvature
already therein slurred
awhile those summations.

a crutch tested imam each
religious raptor
evian unlettered wholly re
ceiling those rubbish cloud
-cover lariat

‘neath ceiling to flange irreal
the forecast to burrow ostrich irreal
the afflictive kitsch
-worker overage those premonitions where
rill of the treatment

reiki sled
an activation el dorado émigrés.

oceans later,

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