Thursday, June 2, 2011

poem excerpt || Keith Higginbotham

From The Unemployed

frizz of insulation hunting Reddened earth and drenched lungs
It cursed for miles.
and a rip disastrous jolt, no
watched the eaves Indians, was that that.
As are you’d prefer direct driven up by you’d leap, I churn
to river, sunken heart. Often by on boxcars, my book.
Written its sill stopped hard grey brick glum moosehead always
less does. Its city sent us in the parked ocean for our
lapping at us. through this. I’m home.

Systole clouds rag over that’s theirs.
Spoken rhymes gleaming. But you living room
never a lapse of off.
Someone brought and I’m not myth in scatter

like fish, through
a fireworks doesn’t matter

how all hanging.
I saw my thigh. a chest, gloved listening
to a to inspect Next
we ransacked
me. A new placed her ear speeches, therefore. Language,

my lover you can handle I caught you We signed no current of grief

on the aquarium you saw my you.
Amen drone of waves
soft tonnage of bars where one began when though many
of the squad car wars. The azaleas shut
their blooms when you opened vests out
to rock it back so sage as
A bum sleeps the day, the guess, or curl only we could red sofa.
I a hospital in the end of the town’s one Dinner, then speeches, cranes
could we the sky.
the cellar.
We had never happened. to its fibers, you’d climb the kind
of reverence sages acknowledge
rage, they have something to a triangular beer suds wink; thigh.

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