Wednesday, June 15, 2011

poem || Edward Nichols

synthetic soul

...Crustaceans cliged to the Spatial Frequencies,and, myriads kaleidscopic clours filled theair.Summation Overlords anti-gravity,Jackson Pollocks
buckets of paint,paintig dreams.Analyticle provocation angles at the window on the ceiling. Wondrous proposals see the flashlight at the end of the road.

Sure the trilogy of infamy stays in KRSNA consciousness.Premature shine blades sign the glimmer on the Golden path.

Going through it backwards ,a summarie is in the calling.Fuzz retardant jocular vein mimicing theartificial horticuculture displaying tommy guns at the locality of a distance. River flowing gackwards defensive energyREproduces farflung notions.Synthetic soul.
Wagner-Critical assumptions.Deranged to see that the only thing that performs in the fashion if reality,teir control becoming epidemic
intheir dialectable formations. The culture of our society is flooded

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