Wednesday, June 15, 2011

poem || Raymond Farr

With A Supplicant's Ease

Organized around this, a plane flew
A view of char, spat sitting

The beer green, a tea envoy
To queer China, burlesque-like

Toucan touched by, plaid nectar sophist
Machinist to uphold

Cratered-like, as in hollow
Hello, are you pear?

To believe scan
Upwards of 100 grand, a totem particulate

Oft crunchy, patella for sale
Has spurs, involuted poetics

Inhabit surface
Like a kingfisher, of splices, ornithology

To the grave site, a mirror
In blue sequin butter dish, of lovers’

Gonniff-spires, trotting out
Bladderwort, too frequent too

Apprehensive stillnesses, a buck is a
Dollar, my dear is a pawn

A dollar Zagnut a
Perfect allusion, sane, in part distant

Or all about sky line
A fly is a yacht, heavy to the nightmare

A Shelley of cinders, on page one I lop
In magic, an ode

Notable few, a crow on
A ton, as in fence post, a line

Re-contained, ABABABBA etc
The kicking one, her powder

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