Sunday, June 19, 2011

poem || Raymond Farr

Stillness Workings
This foot at exiled.

False postponed errata.

Annihilated radio ideal.
Whose mangrove.

Waves, on closed sign.
Beaches, a facet.

Continuously a third voice, contained.

All particulars.

On the current.
Way down, the hall.

Broken, mistyping.

The halibut kissing.

Of maypole.

Maybe this time I’ll…

Register wet.
In valid stone, reverberation church.

A clear stoppage.
Or stuff Ovid’s into.

A pen name, I too much.
Took place, all surf.

Marginal, in advance.

& the lost, so removed.

Alkaline dive kisses.
Misfortunate alternative.

L’il stochaic.
Drive by, divided by.

Atoms got nerve.

Impulsive to impulsive to a pillow.

I nut like a.

Nothing so.
Smack, smack.

The vibrating is too.
Absence scowling.

What creak, a bone.

Twelve spines twelve.
& a half sizes.
What shelf, uncollected reasoning.

Point of departing.

Fracture reminds.

Isotopes Sheila.

That the sound, the handle.
Require a touch.

Faster than.

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