Monday, June 13, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMES A[t]te[ndf]or]a[
] cagE fragm epresi....
aipots fos/ha doeeo
w;s o..r du st..].r..o
cou ;ld; hav,.;[e,u,.o
be[en ]li[ste]n,;']d..o
a.ta,;ny..ti \m[e d]..o
o t.ha]t'].yiuo
often do either inoo]
rd..ina '][ry.. o.r. wo
orks very wellsome
d,eta'il' m'a[nip] ,;ofo
texts strike eliminao
te w[ords] likethemo
e of rela;.'tion c'hano
ce and as are these
cho/ice ar[rang]ing.,'
courseof ceedevelo,[
p'ment com[plex mio
fwo.;[ rd[ s'centralwo
rd s[an d[d id] sayfro
mpoi nt noni.;'ntentio
n words hunting mix
words ideas in order
to file take out those
that do not allo to ex
ist just a seriesthat'm
ight say mu'sic[al] no
n reason repitition no[
t wha[t wil]lfin[dta]keo
ut ones th ta not belo
ng like is in position q
writidiffe[rent lang/uag\
e suggest want tole ep
be to dopeel heoin r' in
a spirit agree for instan
ce opposed to mikitari
sm ana r'chy to gub ta
lk say something in ac
cord instare ad ideasin
a brushing sourceeveru
se visual thinking proint
s experience longish bo
s boxes of water clamu
p from bottom havinggot
ten ai[r dis]play of[/./ tho
ught of th/,'[at at pri]nts[]
decided a series on surf
ace whol[e pa]per shape
scut chan cecur ce strai
ght placed templates tur
ned post crossed at topo
dibvi[p]dedtem plat.,e lar
ge to small down to dold
golden se[x]cions piedco
ur the orchestra cut pape
rin sa,.]me'] mea.,]ns cha
nce determined pomutotro
und no spaces nextledge,.
what sound then noticedth
e etching top was inter for
muwas not intehat wasabo
ut going from left to rightch
ange meaning that is ni tur
mdo not that way but lectu
re interested composes rea

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