Thursday, June 16, 2011

poem || Raymond Farr

A Plausible Morning

Anfractuous lamplight’s glow, to wake to

& to the head of the class

I do this eastern thing a lot
To monitor beltway hours, eyes spread

I rub off San Andreas Fault, as Cubism
Colored white, adroitly

On Chinese snow peas (?)
Ezra Pound cracked crab deliciously rambles

The green I seek is not the
Gross weight of yoghurt, minding its business

A pulse of a tooth for the all-tchotchke banana
&veering delirious palm prints

I alter gridded accolades, of cinematic Juicy Fruit
The gun is on cove duty

A tomato believes its role in cannery heart throb
Makes work like a dollar, or turkey in bubble wrap

Maybe open up the shed (tear)?

& glee, be sanctioned rain

The most yanked prism, pun de rigueur
Has nothing to strive for (to strike for)?

Broken yellows, & ambers
The daffodils of crazed scientific bureau chiefs, gone mud pie

Seize elements like auras
Of all senses, catching fire

Manage a dry spell, foreign as odes
Often observing, denial in

Most ghosts, a pantry
But there is a fourth & a fifth

Around here, the time
Acts out, a plausible morning

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