Thursday, June 2, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich

from six months aint no sentence


mask magical canonic guano triangular
isthmus baked Calvinist salmon glazed
anglophile so soap sap sewn iko iko on
by palomino mannikin agitates ringers
again neck naked exhales Taino tones
hidden nouns backlit toner even though
tongue-coils salamander to tetrahedron
coils karma carnival chameleon landing
lamp point-pit grit-kit griot and call it quit


tonal depravity

suffice to inhabit the billowing
cannery gold smog comedians
reptile lanyard aileron soffit mud
gastric literature patiently yoke
abilities glandular nascent bites
syllabic toes sign of the bicycle
cactus renaissance Galapagos
pipes of pan at Joujouka we are
surrounded by susurrus knots
nod knits nor synod syncretic
reissues magnetic tales or tape



particles behoove given gulls
latent latitudes null malaprop
furies arrhythmic butterbeans
insider bullet-point hackles
arise Hittites repackaging
cartoon raccoons pink bologna
scrub gangsters galactic noon
na ang gan ang ha gan hu gah



nanoconductors nullified dung-beetle
Guantanamo neighborly hootenanny
gainsaid Anchorage tonnage saddle
schoolyards koala bear kilowatts so
hijinks android waffles is magnificent
playing singularities salt patois delta
Mekong saliva marmoset apt to allot
saltpeter mollusk rapture in macaroni
mirrors luminous humbug a highlands
sagittarius Pyongyang by brief amicus
ragamuffin Maori concertina mailed to
endearing fear-mongering antique USA


laws of improbability

maintains nailer totalized olio nearly
veering the unsaid bargaining chips
ping-pong pandering anachronistic
dove turtles recollected in rayon graying
to neon amid ganglia sinuous bent
mountains hilt miracles to marbles
revamp catastrophic night-lights revered
earrings softly phantom manganese
balalaika gristles mutiny by grit caffeine
tinnitus spoiled paginated esophagus
pastures more palpable than improbable



sun gold coal condensed
mucus same magma the
agility onto knots knit at
tools at ladders if some
the partitioned angels at
the maypole addled and
strength back cannot if
what hangs unseen rang
clangs sealed unfit unto
canyons at night at night


bees needs

membranes trash tarragon solitary
tonalities nor sung semantics into
sunbeams layered annex to mulch
data at moonlit knitting parrot lice
tapdance positively snarling drones
prayer-sheen honeybee madness



can as easily say sinew as sensible
syllable or syllabic sensibility or bib
overalls linguistic sinuous sayings
blink gists and mash lights plight of
the sapient keyboard such sober
longitude as gnaws the tool from a
crayon the tulip from a canyon the
lip gaping duties near angular gills


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