Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 poems || John M. Bennett

Bean Blanket

bean stroke slather me cowl
master blink my gas bowl seem
flooded neck buzzard skinflag
r oof sheen nut ))fog shirt((
the tool of blat ant desklint

oh last twirl soon but neck cage
fan your loverbowel looms dot
map swizzle bream )goat( ton
gue or clodlake shafter )dog(
boom dung the s weet grafter

bag o spit nube clot ...drizzle
... goatlap the pill dander phone
I saw clings the drooled hat the
dim sheet corn piled lack of
moths mouths stuns my shirt

raw rings the ant eats ...)lint
(... phones my leg slag pu
lls the “form” ])shadow([ coughs
lungs lunged boat your stool
cash liquor dawn lice the high blanket


dog lamp off ten mutes kill
shirtly boomed the tramp gas
over spill rat her shone
lather skull knot )rust( the
tent pill shaper of head fart
last bile in the nap wrought small
clanged pig noose puddle
of blood nearly shot )scamp
er( saw flood tune wipe
the dog slathered big phone he
ft )bubbled( in the woods

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