Friday, June 3, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

listening captured.

listening to bob dylan on the
internet washes hands
with water and wine—
of the parachutes
on modes of prescience—
which contain
evaluations of apology
summoning tones iterating
a seldom numerous chances?

vanishing where sullen—
so the respite as frame
incalculably a thought as
sweeping reacts to curatorial muscle.

surmounting laughs—
where haptic evaluations remove
the publican mirage—
just who is therefore
to be thereforing the summershine?

where the overheard night
indexed formats liberally
otherwise no wooden conduit—
a fragrance in permutation
however costly
burnt bridges—
mercies are not replicated
so that evidence
meant for anomalous tasks
becomes cases offered
where sitting and standing
remasks surety.

a mood of cell-wise inquiry—
nor grasping an introit
whether inverses otherwise
beget the decision
of salutary pluralities
to evoke as near ensembles—
their confidence from parallax
is otherworldly—
the spaces that are bested
are walking from that shaman.

precisely one sediment over another—
an anthem wakes itself
once to those carriers—
the trust of personist evaluations—
of mottos whose centrisms
in periodic nuances
festoon lesser camelots.

the comprehension is
gestural for maelstroms—
no silence for tremors—
temblors are seismic dustbins.

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