Thursday, June 30, 2011

text || Matt Margo

from When Empurpled

just think to imagine your child laughing and afraid he does not feel that his fear is permanent think about it you yes you the human community I do not cluster sentiments of steel I am just like my father Owen I know who murdered him with a javelin of God to protect you pleased his soul ridded it of the fears returned knowing when to call them to God and O God how she laughed and told the show to go on meaning that she was grabbing the one mythical happening oh how that beauty did laugh kissing in me believing in God though I was close to the old depictions of the okapi of Orizaba bless and thank you her guardian a sinner counting on you journeying into Melaka just a dear servant unaware counting on you journeying into Melaka I am your calling by night and by daylight or at least so says you who ever closer to Shobra courted me arm in arm and almost to the bone my bones which were courted by the instrumental stylings of Ghosts and Vodka and by vodka endlessly poured until it was coming to me walking scrambling God revolting harking the tyranny of the powers that be and rapidly rescuing your victory and protecting you from those who seek to have you dead I take refuge bat at hand and ask you O God my hearer you mighty man near my homeland oh my thy might and thy power

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