Thursday, June 9, 2011

poem || Edward Nichols

Wooden Afterthoughts

Anthological bigotry bursts at the seams of religionAsthe treeswhich the Druids admired so. Sociopathic equilibrium cons the whole gastric

Recluse wired on caffeine syncopates the wirey Atonal melody, in the manner of schoenberg,
Flip the epiphany and then bury yourself in it's inspiration. Roots retrieved on pinnical of succes......washed up on shore,the thegenie was a recluse, would'nt leave his bottle.
The Recital of ill repute blows the bejesus nodically stoic IN illiterate projection.Stombanistically.Else where the jury hangs out with totaletarian

More deposit than disposal. The surety of victimless response sets at the seat of the Trilogy of Infamy. Squigly Gally

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