Friday, June 17, 2011

poem || Jeff Harrison

Henceforth Amytis

overlook the full surroundings
& sink into Scheherazade's satchel
bubble up carefully & come forward
bare-handed as the brow of Amytis

now each off-hand phrase
has at least some warmth
intermediate enough,
Nebuchadnezzar enough

yes! yes! send me any flounce
from any scene! the trifles open naturally,
now even the sharpest use
observatory telescopes to see them

though they still come to us stooped
& obsequious, bubbled up to come forward
THIRST - my first vicinity was a tolerably warm
boot upon a road lately removed, a cynical hold upon

the lurking tearfuls... N E B U C H A D N E Z Z A R
finding prey with his forefinger, just another snake shifting &
craning to come forward out from the full surroundings, this
perseverance is a centaur hueless beside remains of fair weather

intone Proteus countless no longer, henceforth Amytis always
anchor to swim blood-dyed in intonation, blood to vindicate a
dog short of hands, someday I'll lay a pair of gloves on her brow
until then, the whole story is vigorous as ever

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