Monday, September 24, 2012

text || Edward Nichols


       Along came a spider and set down besider in a perilous position framed from the sultans suite. Only to be found to be full of buggers full of syndicated hogwash of multiple intensity of garish pursuit in the tripolies astonishment over emacipated conundrums all flaggering for a infintesimal speck of go-go juice. The spine protruded out of the brain. The fingers showed places of bones where the skin had been worn off of the phantasmal rhetoric of forced junctions caterwauling along the jaded functions of time in esprit for the forthrighteousness of individual qualified hostile gummy bears trying to choke you as they go down your throat. Conjuncture splat rain down on the blotted charisma of charcoaled flesh. Burning enigmas all but consumed the wafer of all goes well. Bearing down on the ticket price to watch tortured soles of their feet feats like you've never seen before.

       Bequethed the family jewels, and they definitely were in this womens box. Testicular accumalation, she called it. Borrowed from ring leaders in the fight  to save serial killers from execution. All the Psychopaths gathered around the prison holding signs saying: Free the Serial Killers: THEY ARE THE MOST INTELLIGENT PEOPLE IN OUR POPULATION.
       dISMEMBERMENT OF CERTAIN CLAY CREATIONS OF WHICH SHE WOULD HANG ON HER FAVORITE eruditions of s[lendid} frescoes. The interim was notified of their boycott as the flow circuit catchers transponded the deodorf floatsam of pools of blood from what she considered her enemie: The Oedipus Complex.She never was suspected of anything, but she came on like radioactive transformers set for kill.
        Macabre generations of senseless misogyny at the crossroads of bravo enterprises in the world of pathogorus, hand choking the miasma about the room until it was bruised and torned. The topmost balance was rectified by serial killers phone numbers she had on her rolodex file.
        She had a whole collection of phallic symbols in a box next to her family jewels box. Reinverted castration contorted to cheap quotas she set for herself at the intervening cultural revery of plights of recorded screaming played TACET backwards, she was a real go getter. She left lovely brick-a-brack, a hand an arm,......on the polices steps. Running into waterways of mucous she turned it into a Phlegm slick,(I mean a film slick).
        Varnished lacquered faces the skin hardening as fire frescoes burn the outer layer of contrived falsehoods she'd found in all men.Jet packed fueled ignition(very small explosions) were inserted in orifices and detonated.

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