Saturday, September 8, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

      Explicit exegenesis supplicates the errogenous reprisal of universal archetypes condusive to applicants along the submersive equalities of suspended aleatoric apprehensions of random compilations as I listen to to the portals of whimsical sonarities transform themselves into language bestowing issuance of random meanderings transliterized by the muses propulsion of excavated chaotic words coordinating themselves into a coherent whole. The refusal to distribute wholesale issuance of the typical because it cannot personifie the archetypical vagrancies of an ordinary life which is everything but that.

     Reclusions at the csossroads of time relinquish attempts to try and verbalize the deep accolades going on in the colective unconscious of life at all times. Amorphous reincarnations illustrate the intensity of acasual and synchronistic coincidence, that, at least, in my life, and, I'm sure in others, that expose themselves on a regularity that never ceases to catch you by surprise.

      Conglomarous categorical containments  make life anything but banal. Hierarchecal representatives that manifest their messages and join one with all manuever the existentialism exponents transliterally into subjectivityly objective objective transfusions of energy from the interplay of the corresponding conflicts, or, contradictions at work in our psyche. The feminine and the masculine, the aggressive and the passive, the emotive and the rational and many others all conflicting,yet, working together(see what I mean), creating energy derived basically from the profoundly strong libido.

     I think this is where experimental writing transgresses from "normal" writings in that it expresses this energy in its' own language,(much more than typical writing.).

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